Remote code for SHARP LC50CFE 510K TV


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Hi can anyone help please. im trying to connect the above tv to my hdr fox t2 remote. I have, of course tried all the codes listed and on the advice of humax tried manually using the [P] up down button but to no avail. does anyone know if it is possible or is it just simply my fox t2 is now to old? as statated by humax thst is! the sharps tv is part of the aquos range. thanks for reading, Pete.
I think you're fully stuffed because, if it's like my Sharp LC49-CFE5001K, the remote is RF not IR so no universal remote will work for you.

Test this by seeing if it still works when out of sight of the TV.
My Sharp TV responds to some of the codes for Vestel televisions (333 in my case).
I have also read online that some Sharp TVs may respond to the codes for UMC televisions.
Sharp is an old brand-name that has been acquired by makers of cheap sets, like a Japanese equivalent of Bush or Grundig. The innards are likely to be generic. Hence Ian's observations.