Remote Scheduling for Foxsat-HDR Now Available


Hello readers!
This evening 5 minutes after booting my troublesome HDR did on its own send a disk content update.

Am I perhaps understanding the feature incorrectly. How often and under what circumstances does the box send a content update.
The box is remotely located away from the TV room. It comes on 6pm to midnight each day. It’s recordings played on another HDR over a network. Currently it has just one program it records each week.
Is it smart enough to only update when there’s something to tell?


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Sorry, I remembered there had been recent discussion about something similar but got the wrong thread; try
Many thanks for that - all very interesting. So it wasn't the reinstall that fixed it, it just happened to install the fixed 1.9.0 epg. Having said that, the fix-disk found and fixed a shed load of issues so all is well.

However, having done the reinstall from scratch, there still seems to be a bug that allows the "/opt/webif/plugin/RemoteScheduling/rs.db" database to be installed with missing records. My original post #178 ( should hopefully enable anyone else with a similar problem to fix it.