Remote Scheduling Not Working with HD - Hint


Well I decided to put the custom software on the HD box that I own at mothers now she has popped off. I use it regularly on my HDR. So you can register more than one box to your email account as many do I'm sure.

The problem was that it wasn't seeing the second box correctly. Neither passing the EPG list of upcoming programmes or recorded programmes on the box telling me that RS had to be the latest. It was.

A telltail sign I think was not knowing which region the box was tuned in to. After reading threads it wasn't down to cookies needing to be deleted - tried that. I saw some people gave AF123 their I'd code so he could work out what was going on. Thought I would hold on that and use self help for a bit. I used those commands to push the EPG and file directory talked about on the threads, that didn't help since my problem was further back from that.

The solution bizarrely was to uninstall RS from the list and pick it off again from available. Once I did that, it instantly told me which region the box was on from the remote software and showed me the EPG. After the 4:30 file reading it's now given me the file directory so all is good.