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Hi - my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

I have just installed Custom Firmware on an HD Fox T2, and everything is all working exactly as expected. I first set up remote access using HTTPS and user authentication to check I could access and control the box from outside which is all fine. I am now trying to set up Remote Scheduling. Registration shows as Active on the settings page but I am not receiving any authorisation emails. I have tried three different email addresses, and also the forgotten password procedure. So far no email has arrived. I've checked all spam/junk folders and can't see anything. Searching the forum seems to show this has happened before so maybe it's not me? Can anyone help.

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There may be a problem with RS daily emails.
My last arrived on 03/11.
The web side seems to be displaying as it should.


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Is there a point in RS on a HD-Fox T2 (No HDD)? Does it have a recording schedule?

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Is there a point in RS on a HD-Fox T2 (No HDD)? Does it have a recording schedule?
To run CF (apart from "naked" without packages) you would need some sort of USB drive connected, thus turning your HD-FOX half-way into an HDR-FOX.


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Hi all - yes I have a HDD installed. I don't think I could do much without one! I have full external remote access to the GUI via HTTPS and port forwarding and can download videos that way. I also have two HDR Foxes which I intend to install the custom firmware on. It is just RS registration that seems to be the problem.
Thanks for the replies.


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Sorry about that, the emails should be fixed now so please try and reset your password via the web interface - when you registered from the Humax web interface the account will have been created.

(All of the stuff was migrated to a new server last week and it looks like I missed a piece to get the automated email working.)