remote scheduling rule for HD/SD?


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Would it be possible to have a new rule for remote scheduling to favour SD channels over HD channels where there is this alternative? At present HD seems to take precedence and I have to change this on the box, but can then end up with the schedule doubled up to both channels.


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You can add Channel name restrictions to Standard rules and have even more flexibility with the Advanced format rules.

For example I use the following to exclude HD and +1 channels from matching
 If any of...
If:    Event Title matches    George Clarke    
Or:    Synopsis matches    George Clarke    
And:    Channel Name does not match    HD    
And:    Channel Name does not match    \+1     

or {title {George Clarke} synopsis {George Clarke} } !channelmatch HD !channelmatch {\+1} action scheduleseries

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Thanks for the suggestion. I can't see how to add a channel matching condition to standard rules (can only choose specific channel or any channel). I would prefer not to have to go to advanced rules for the majority of my schedules.