Remote Standby from webif?


I might have missed this (so my apologies) but is it possible to remotely standby my Fox from the webif? eg. after I've watched something via the media file browser from a remote PC can I then put the Fox in standby? I know I can reboot the Fox remotely but I was hoping for a standby button too.


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If you have the ir package installed, then you can use the virtual remote control in the web interface to put it into standby.

Andy Hurley

Presumably that can't be used to bring a box back out of standby. That's the feature I would like - to remotely wake up a sleeping device, I presume that is impossible though. My wife has a habit of putting the box in standby when she goes to bed, meanwhile I'm already upstairs watching something remotely. I end up having to go back down to turn it on again to continue viewing.

Ezra Pound

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No, not possible, the only thing that stays awake is the front panel, where the infra-red receiver and Wake-up timer is housed. The bit that runs the Web-If is not awake, there is no Wake-up On LAN either