Remote volume control affects some programmes and not others


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I bought a 5000T recently and noticed that the remote control only seems to actually change the volume of a handful of programmes and not others. When I push the volume button it always shows the OSD with the volume bars moving up and down so I know this is working correctly but the actual sound that is output does not change.

Since I only recently got the box, I haven't figured out yet if this is specific to certain channels or recordings but will keep playing with it. Any ideas why this is?

I have the optical output running through an audio receiver if that makes any difference.
Here's what happens with HDR-FOX (may be the same with 5000T): if the audio preference is set to "multichannel" (ie surround sound), the audio feed output to HDMI is taken directly from the broadcast stream so as to preserve the surround sound information when the service is capable - ie a HiDef channel. The sound stream is accompanied by command codes to tell the TV (or whatever) what the volume control setting should be.

All StDef services, or all services (including HiDef) if the audio preference is set to "stereo", are converted to PCM for the HDMI output, and the PCM is scaled according to the volume setting.

This means that if the TV (or amp) is not capable of interpreting the volume commands, the HiDef services will be presented at full volume unless the audio preference is set to "stereo" (at which point you lose any surround sound). You have the choice of setting the volume using the TV (set the volume on the Humax to maximum), or settling for stereo.
Or turn down the "stereo"/PCM volume until it matches the multichannel (if that can be done on the 5000T) and use the TV vol control.