Renumber / Re-order Channels


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In the Custom Firmware Package Notes (wiki dot hummy dot tv/wiki/Custom_Firmware_Package_Notes
The renumber settings appears under the "reorder" section of the settings page on the Web-If

I'm on version 4.1.3 and have updated the Media and Fileserver Bundle from the web interface but I'm not seeing the option.

Has it been removed, was it never available for Foxsat HDR or am I missing something?

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Thanks. Now I see it. I didn't go in through the main page. "This Wiki primarily supplies information for the Humax HDR-Fox T2 and HD-Fox T2"

So, what are the chances of getting this option for the FoxSat-HDR?

Can I put in a feature request?


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So, what are the chances of getting this option for the FoxSat-HDR?
Sorry, but I don't think there's any chance of this ever happening. Unlike the HDR Fox T2 which holds the channels list in an easily edited SQLite database, the Foxsat HDR maintains the list in NVRAM in an unpublished Humax proprietary format.
To compound this, the HDR itself repopulates this list every night during the 3am housekeeping boot.
In the main, this format is now known, and has allowed us to add non-freesat channels to the freesat list, but not without some very clever scripting to prevent the HDR from overwriting any user made changes. As I recall, channel re-ordering was also attempted at the time but proved to be unreliable and the option was subsequently dropped.