Repeated "broken" recordings on C4 SD

David White

New Member
I have the latest custom firmware on my HDR FoxT2 and have a repeat recording set for the Simpsons on C4 sd channel. In the past I have had the occasional broken recording where the icon shows a dark grey icon with a lightning bolt but an now getting lots of them. The bad files look like this: The Simpsons_20151231_1005.hmt (12Kib). There may be three in a day and two are broken and one works.

As additional information, that may not be related, I find that if the box has been on for a while when I switch the TV to look at it the screen is blank. If power the Human off via the remote and back on again the picture is back.

Are there any logs I can look at to give an idea of what is happening?

Have you tried playing a "broken" recording? You often get an on-screen message saying what the Humax thought the problem was, and then sometimes you find it's not broken at all.
If you just get the hmt file without a corresponding recording it can be due to a late schedule change, but it is often a 'failed to track' error caused by the unit being tuned to more than one transmitter. If this is the case, either manually tune to one transmitter only or switch to padding rather than AR (accurate recording).