Replacement HDR-FOX T2 - no EPG on Remote Scheduling


Our HDR-FOX T2 was killed by nearby lightning, I've sourced a replacement and installed latest custom firmware and all the packages I think I had before. One was RS. This doesn't quite follow the instructions since I was registering it with a previously used email address. It seemed to go OK, although no password confirmation email was sent. If I log into I can see both devices, but the new device is flagged "Your device has not yet uploaded initial data", and if I select the new device I don't see an EPG. Is there any step I've missed out either at the device or on the web site?


The device registered at 0836 so that's over four hours now. I see from the web page that it says last contact at 1131, but still says "Your device has not yet uploaded initial data" and still no EPG. It shows the disk capacity and space remaining now, which I don't think it did when I looked before.



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I'm no expert with RS, but you could try running the following diagnostics:

Also, and this is nothing to do with it, if you could run the "txinfo" diagnostic as well and send me the output, that would be appreciated.
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Thanks. None of those cli commands seem to exist, for example neither rs/synch or rs /synch work ...

humax# rs /synch
Humax Remote Scheduling Tool v1.5.0, by af123, 2011-2017.

Syntax: rs [options] <command>...

-d[level] Set debug level.
-D<seconds> Sleep for random(seconds).
-h Show help text.
-i Show detected machine info.
-q Be more quiet.
-f Force submission even if up-to-date.

register <email> Register this device.
push Push scheduled events.
cmd Retrieve next queued command.
ack <id> Acknowledge command <id>.
status Show device registration status.
log <msg> Send log message to server.
epg Distributed EPG management.

humax# rs/synch
/bin/sh: rs/synch: not found
I've just deleted my remote scheduling account and started from scratch as I thought it my be confused by using an existing account. Still does not run completely smoothly ..

From webif/settings/rs I put in the email address, it logged a load of transactions including reporting the EPG region. However no new account password email received.
Tried login using the email address and asking for password reset - no password reset email received either
Back into webif I re-entered the email address and selecting "update email address" - this time it said new account created, and I received the password email.

Still no EPG and the same "Your device has not yet uploaded initial data" message

PS - I've found the diagnostic, is this the one you mean? See screenshot ...



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You need the "diag" command if doing it from a command line session, and pay attention to where spaces are and are not.
humax# diag rs/sync
That is the right place for the WebIf. But it's "sync" not "synch".