Reset Custom Firmware


Hi Guys n' Gals,

At the bottom of the settings page in the custom firmware webif there is a button 'Reset Custom Firmware' which informs 'Click to remove all packages and settings installed by the custom firmware'. I had autounprotect, betaftpd, and others installed and decided to press this button, to see what would happen...

As far as I'm aware, nothing happens. The aforementioned packages, autounprotect and betaftpd still remain on the box. What gives?

Discuss. :)

Are you sure a sign didn't light up in black on a black background saying "please do not press this button again"?
I don't think my memory for quotes is quite that bad (the conflation of two was deliberate)!
Methinks this whole thread is full of oxymorons...
Yes, I understand the concept; a bat is an animal...some bats are made from some animals are made of wood...
Nevertheless, upon pressing of aforementioned 'button', a popout appears with two options: 'Delete' and 'Cancel'.
I therefore pressed 'Cancel' and nothing happened; why?

Sorry to pull us back on topic, but the button in the web interface is known to be broken. I need to update the underlying firmware to properly support it and I plan to do that in the next release. I'll remove it for now.
No worries, af!
Had already come to that conclusion. Thanks for confirming, much appreciated.

Shall we consider thread closed...?

I didn't coin UPD. See the Glossary. As for "MSP" - that is deprecated, but since we STILL don't have a decision on what to call it...
I have read pretty much everything on this forum over the past 18 months or so. Oh yes.
So, can you now feel my shame, being told that I've missed some crucial piece of documentation?
For the first time in my life, I am grateful I am not Samurai , for my Tanto would be in my hand as I write...for the last time...