Resurrecting Subtitles after Copy/Move to USB/Hard Drive


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I have a Humax fvp5000t but I hope this should work for older models too.

You've Copied or Moved a programme to your USB stick or Hard Drive and some time later you'd like to watch it again with the Subtitles still intact ... do this:

1) Make sure that the programme files are in THE EXACT SAME FOLDER on your USB stick or Hard Drive that they originally appeared in after the initial Copy or Move from your Humax;

2) This means that when you plug in to the Humax the programme title will appear in your RECORDED PROGRAMMES LIBRARY list;

3) Play the programme from the RECORDED PROGRAMMES LIBRARY list and the Subtitles will reappear in the original broadcast format - big, colourful and on a black background.

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I'm not sure subtitles are a problem for HDR-FOX, it does not use a separate file for them so are picked up from the TS stream whether it be broadcast or recorded.


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Its not a problem for the HDR-FOX T2, HD-FOX T2, HDR-2000T or HDR-1800T.
Aw, that *would* be a shame, but still worth a try.
It would be sad if that was necessary on the non-FVP HD units but fortunately for the owners of those the play back of subtitles is independent of which folder they a are stored on the USB drive. They can be selected for play in the same manner as any other media on the USB drive and it won't impact subtitle playback.