I don't have that one.

Edit: I manually typed it in and it worked, but I still need to have a TV attached :(

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I still need to have a TV attached
What for? It should time-out and take default actions if it receives no input.
Anything else should be manageable with tunefix.
What are you actually trying to achieve?


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There are far more diagnostic routines available than are listed in the quick-pick. See
Make this executable script as /mod/bin/diag:

case "$1" in
-h|--help) wget -qO- "" |
        sed -ne '/id="Run_Diagnostic_options"/,/<[/]ul>/ {s@<li>@- @;ty;s@<p>@@;Tx;:y;s@<[^>]\+>\|&#[^;]\+;@@g;p;:x}'
*)      # restrict PATH to avoid using repo wget in case it gets broken
        PATH=/mod/bin/busybox:/bin  exec printf "%s\n" "$(/bin/diag "$@")" \
         "$([ -n "$*" ] || echo "        -h   List documented diagnostics.")"
Then run it:
# diag
Syntax: diag [-d] <command>
        -d   View diagnostic code.
        -h   List documented diagnostics.
# diag -h
'general' diagnostic is the default, The following is a list of other available Diagnostic commands that can replace it:-
- 1.03.06 = Gather information from HDR running software version 1.03.06
- 4kalign = Run a check on your hard drive for 4K block alignment
- arbookmarks = scan your existing recordings and set AR start/stop bookmarks to padded recordings
- assignhd = configure a USB Drive on the HD-Fox T2 for use with the Custom Firmware
- boot2fix = Fix some aspects of the 'General' Diagnostic


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Out of interest: what for?
You can only manipulate the databases while humaxtv is not running. The obvious way to do this is to reboot and run the necessary code first.
Surely this is not a surprise at this point in proceedings?

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Surely this is not a surprise at this point in proceedings?
I have no knowledge how force-retune works, therefore no reason to assume database manipulation is involved.

I am concerned how the user knows a reboot is required – I hope there is a message in the diagnostic output screen. I'm not sure where EP says it says so in the wiki, it's not on the relevant line:
  • force-retune = Initiate a re-tune of TV channels on the Humax after a re-boot. Note this clears recording schedule and favourites lists

Probably to allow the recording schedules to be reloaded and updated
The user will need another reboot after the retune for that, presuming they have auto-schedule-restore installed.