Rewind goes back to last play Point


Hi, so I don’t know if this is a problem or not, if I watch a recording and press rewind it jumps back to the last normal play point instead of rewinding from when I press the button
Sorry will check but I think if not every recording most of them, I will check a few in the morning and report back
Sorry don’t know how to describe it, only happens on some recordings if I am watching and hit either ff or rwd the recording can skip backward to a point where I last watched in normal speed, I watch say 20 mins into recording then instead of pausing I leave it playing to do something else( make a cup of tea) then come back and hit rewind and instead of going through the 2x,4x etc speed it jumps back in time
If this were the TSR, I would say delete it and reinitialise. If it were one recording, I would suggest a malformed .ts file or maybe the .nts is bad. For multiple files I don't know what to suggest other than a complete system reset, restore factory defaults, etc etc (which is unsatisfactory as an explanation).
Thanks I think it’s related as after you posted i only appear to have problems with any recordings that I have set up post processing on.
Can I ask without starting a new thread how to do a reset on the box without losing my recordings and I will start again without any post processing for a week or so and see how I get on then I can add one at a time

No recordings aren’t watched the same day, earliest they will be watched is the next morning after any recordings