Not just Tesco, either: £2 each or 2 for £5, you mean? Or the large version discounted but the smaller one not, so it's cheaper to buy a large container than the small?

Edit: Amazon includes a tell us about a lower price link, so I have!
Not everyone is interested in saving money. Once, in Tesco, I pointed out to a person buying pack of 12 cans of lager that he was paying more than buying 3 lots of 4-can sets. He went ahead and bought the 12-can pack. [Probably had plans for the cardboard.]

I used to groan when supermarkets did a BOGOF offer and I was carrying a rucksack on my bike. Not an issue now, but plain old "half price" is preferable. Now I read all of the price-per-litre details on packs of beer *ahem*
The one that gets me is the M&S one, where it says £2.50, or 2 for £4 over salmon fillets, packed in pairs. Very confusing. I feel like taking a pair of scissors along and liberating one!
Are they packed in pairs though? Or are they the two halves of the same fillet?

If you buy the double pack, which contains two pieces, you are charged the displayed price for two items. The pricing looks like it is per pack, but it isn't.

Some packs contain one fillet, others two. They are left or right fillets.
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