Ripping DVD to Play on HDR-T2

Mike Hodges

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There's lots of threads (some quite old) on this but what is the recognised best tools to use to rip a DVD (commercial film) and put it onto a NAS for the PVR to play directly...

  • Ripping needs to be on a Windows 8.1 box.
  • HDR-T2 has Custom firmware version: 2.18 (build 1707), Humax Version: 1.02.32.
  • NAS is a new QNAP.
  • PVR already stores and plays its own files from an nfs share on the NAS.
Thanks in advance...
Latest update Handbrake 0.9.9
Converts nearly any format to MP4 or MKV, converts VOB files (Container format for DVD media), Excellent quality output once you get the settings sorted, good quality with standard settings from menu. Good online HELP to get the best out of the program. This program is Freeware and runs on Windows 8. It will not rip Commercial/Copyrighted DVD's but can convert the VOB'S once DVD has been Decrypted.

DVD Shrink
Will rip Some Encrypted DVDs giving you a 100% quality VOB's if required, Handbrake can then Convert. This program has not been updated since 2004, again this program is Freeware and is reported by Softpedia and Filehippo to run on all versions of Windows. One Caveat emptor is mentioned in the WiKi (possibly infected with Malware).
DVD Shrink Site.
MakeMKV Beta
Will rip DVD's and Blu Ray's to an .mkv file, excellent quality, large output files. Last used on a DVD gave me an .mkv file size of 6.62GB. This product is Freeware and works on Windows 8. Hanbrake could be used on the .mkv file to shrink this further or Convert to .MP4 if needs be.

Paid for programs that I have used in the past DVDFab will rip nearly all DVD/Blu ray.
DVD Cloner. rips DVD's and backs up Blu ray's
DVDFab Site.
DVD Cloner Site.

I tried putting links to above software but seemingly I am not allowed, you will have to google to find sites.

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Thanks DLK987, very comprehensive :)

I've used DVDFab before and I'm giving that a whirl - what's the best output format for the Humax to play directly; you mention both MP4 & MKV...
If your playing files from say an external harddrive then I would suggest .MP4, very few .mkv files play through the hummy this way, but if your streaming your files from a media server I dont think it matters what file extension it is providing your server can play it. The only file types i've never had problems with on my hummy are .AVI and .MP4.
Handbrake will decrypt commercial dvds to mp4. Google 'handbrake decrypt' for information. The extra file in question (libdvdcss.DLL) is downloadable from Videolan. Keep a separate copy of this file - you may need to replace it if you later update Handbrake.