RS Auto - Matched item on title not synopsis


Browsing the EPG on the WebIF I noticed an episode of Taggart I thought I had an RS Auto reminder set up for.

Upon checking I found that I had with the title of the episode in the synopsis field:

2015 06 10 - RS Auto Scheduler - Search.png

And that I had been emailed about a match on the 10th of June.

Auto - Remote Scheduling.png

I looked at the email from the 10th of June and this is the only match for Taggart on that email:

2015 06 10 - RS Auto Scheduler.png
As you can see the items don't match, the email match is the title of the program and the auto reminder is for the synopsis.

I do have an RS Auto search for Taggart set up in case the Synopsis leaves out the episode title but that's not what the RS is saying it has matched against.


I have just realised looking at the RS Auto that the column between Synopsis & More is Last match so there has never been a match for that text, now I'm more confused.


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I'm looking in the logs and can see that the event was matched on 1st of July but considered already processed (based on the CRID.)
  Auto 7906 - /The Thirteenth Step
  Taggart Drama [Wed, 08 Jul 2015 21:00:00 +0100 / 01:30]
  The Thirteenth Step: Another mystery for Alex Norton as the Glaswegian
  ! Already processed.
It could have been originally matched on the Taggart rule though as the history is shared across them.
Perhaps the broadcaster messed up the CRIDs and assigned the same ID to more than one programme?

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Are there sufficient different CRID codes to ensure they are never repeated? Maybe they key to something else as well.


Just looked at the EPG again on the box and found the following item that would have matched my search:

2015 07 01 - RS Auto Scheduler.png

2015 07 01 - RS Auto Scheduler - Search.png

I looked at the email received on the 1st of July and there is a match for Tenement but that is for Rising Damp.

Am I best just deleting the title match for Taggart and hoping they put the episode title in the synopsis field?

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I have just realised I don't get matched alerts for "Foyle". Is that because the search mechanism is looking for whole words af123?

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So are you saying my statement was incorrect, or that you was not using plus or minus as part of your keyword search?