[rs] Copy schedule entries to Auto schedule list


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Would it be possible to transfer expired schedule entries into Remote Scheduling Auto-schedule entries to avoid the risk of missing the start of a new series of the show.

For instance 'Silent witness' has finished its current series with next series due next year, The current series started in January whilst we we were in Brazil and not paying close attention to the UK TV schedules.

What I think is required is a 'Copy Selected to Auto' button after the 'Delete Selected' button on the RS schedule page that would create a new Auto entry (or reset a preexisting one) for the the programme name and channel.

I know I can add entries manually but I am too likely to make a typo when entering programme names.
I think that's a good idea, you might want it the EMail you rather than auto record and also not include a specific channel (in case a 'sister channel' is used, but obviously this could also be configurable