RS error - database is locked


Ye Olde Bowler
As per the title:
Capture 14-07-2021 12_36_00.jpg

I have not seen this before and I often schedule a few items before the box wakes at 12:18'ish. Any clues as to why this might have happened or what I might need to do ?


Ad detector
Unless it is persistent forget about it.
It would just mean somedody else is scheduling a request at the same time

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Unless it is persistent forget about it.
will ignore it but keep an eye out for it in the future.
Yes, according to the log it was retried 8 seconds later and succeeded - that indicates such events were expected and allowed for, and certainly isn't anything to worry about unless and until a succession of retries fail.

Don't forget that the database is there for the HDR-FOX native code to use, so there will be times when it is being accessed (for read or write) by settop, and presumably locked while doing so. The result is a clash with a calculable probability (if we had the data, but low if your observations are anything to go by).

I presume you are using RTS.


Ye Olde Bowler
Yes I am using RTS. I was setting 3 different News for You and the second one failed. Point taken about settop access.
An anomaly then...