[rs] no EPG for Channel 4 HD (104) for Saturday 25-March


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It seems that [rs] has no EPG data for Channel 4 HD (104) for next Saturday. All OK on [webif].
I am on BBC West/Mendip.


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Agreed. 104 (Channel 4 HD) is completely missing from the RS EPG for next Saturday.

NorthWest (Granada)


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It is not just RS. At least some of the main tranmitters are missing CH4, Ch4 HD, CH4+1 and Ch4+1 HD from the freeview epg transmission.
This has happened before with those channels. I think it was a couple of years ago. It populated about 4 days before what was the gap, but with only 3 1/2 days left ...


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Having no problems with the Freeview EPG for C4HD on 25th. (Waltham transmitter). However, Dave has no programmes listed on that day.


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My freeview epg for CH4, Ch4 HD, CH4+1 and Ch4+1 HD is now fully populated when earlier today Saturday was missing (Sudbury and Crystal Palace).


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I haven't a Sunday in my rs epg...
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Could it be the clock change ?
That is a different issue to the freeeview epg failings impacting the RS epg.
Presumably the RS uses the same process method of displaying the epg as the idential issue is also in this years Web-If epg.

There were changes last year after the March clock change for the Wep-If epg but this is the first time the change has been used for real for this direction of clock change.
See the first bullet point of 'fixes' https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/webif-web-interface-1-3-x.7116/


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I now have CH4 HD in the RS EPG but CH4 (non HD) has gone AWOL (from 06:15 Sat - 06:00 Sun) instead!
OK on webif

Also affects Dave and Channel 4 +1