[rs] Place 'Add New Entry' at the top of the page

Dave F.


Auto page in Remote Scheduling.

Is there a specific reason the 'Add New Entry' button is at the bottom of the page?

First world problem I know, but my list is getting quite long & scrolling is a pain. Could it placed at the top?


Staff member
I've added a button which works but I need to work out why it isn't showing up in the same style as the other buttons.


Staff member
auto.html is an old page that shouldn't be used.
Edit: and it's gone now.


New Member
The top button appears to have an issue (which the bottom button doesn’t)

If I switch to the advanced rules then back to standard rules and then try to add a rule using the top button, it looks like it is trying to create an advanced rule and fails with no message. Doing the same but using the bottom add rule button works fine