RS server confused?


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Is the RS server confused by Farscape (Pick weekday evenings, repeated the following morning)?

I have the current morning episodes scheduled as a series.
This shows up on the recorder's schedule correctly. However it does not show in the "active" part of RS's schedule, only some instances in the "inactive" part (left over from the previous series; Pick has been running the seasons end-to-end as separate series).
The RS server front page shows that it has seen my PVR and that this morning's recording has occurred. Its EPG shows tomorrow's and next week's episodes highlighted as if for recording.

I suspect that the bottom "inactive" schedule entry (start date shown as Thu 26 Jun 2014) is actually the active entry.

ID is 28073816


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Maybe this is just a timing thing.
It has been wrong every day this week (as described above).
However, having just checked again, it is now correct (now in "active" list and showing start as 27 June).
I am wondering if is just wrong between the end of the recording and the next time the PVR uploads its schedule.
I have probably never seen it before because of the specific timing in this case.
- the PVR records (10am to 11am) and immediately shuts down, hence it does not upload its revised schedule
- at 1pm I see the now out-of-date RS schedule
- once the PVR boots up later, it uploads the schedule and RS is correct again.
So the RS schedule is only wrong between the end of a standby recording and the next time the PVR boots.

As such, the observed problem may be valid, but maybe there is no easy cure.