RS suggestion - create auto schedule from EPG view


I have another suggestion for RS.

I would like the ability to create an Auto scheduling entry from the EPG. i.e I have found a program in the EPG and already have the options to record series / program / set reminder. An extra option of create auto (or some better naming for it) could then go to the 'add new automatic entry' box with the name filled in.

It could go further, like set the channel etc but you are then into user options of what people want it to populate, so the simple option is to just do the name.

The reason for thinking of it is that I often find when I am creating an auto search that the program name includes some word(s) that is(are) more difficult to spell or prone to typos because it is a name or something that is not normal english. Therefore I have to check if I have spelt it right by doing an epg search first and then copy/paste into an auto search (and then just to be sure do a 'show matching events' to make sure I got it right).

I guess that is another suggestion as well - do a show matching events when you save a new / update an existing entry.

Would anyone else find that useful? Is it an easy thing to implement or a pain?