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RS undeletable messages


New Member
In RS I keep getting this message which I can't seem to get rid of:

The following programmes failed to record:
/Damned/Damned_20180314_2200 (bin icon)
/Damned/Damned_20180321_2200 (bin icon)

If I click the Bins then they go into :
Queued Commands
Delete /Damned/Damned_20180314_2200.hmt
Delete /Damned/Damned_20180321_2200.hmt

On a reboot we revert to the original messages.

There have long been no such scheduled recordings on the Humax.

Any idea how can I get rid of them??

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These messages occur because of orphaned .hmt files (which sometimes get left behind when a recording is deleted) - but a .hmt on its own normally occurs when a recording fails to start for one of the standard reasons (typically "unable to track"). You should see them as failed recordings (lightning strike thumbnail) on the normal TV screen GUI, and can be deleted individually from there (OPT+ menu), or multiple deletes queued with the RED button followed by OPT+ >> Delete.

Alternatively, use FTP or SMB/NFS file management to inspect and delete files remotely.


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Any idea how can I get rid of them??
Telnet (or Ssh or Webshell) to the box, get to a command prompt (if you go via the menu) and:
humax# cd "/media/My Video"
humax# rm Damned/Damned_20180314_2200.hmt
humax# rm Damned/Damned_20180321_2200.hmt
humax# exit


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There must be some underlying fault if the RS delete option is failing to remove them

Is the Last Seen time on the RS pages recent?
Do you have RTS (real time scheduling enabled)
Is there anything relevant in Recent Activity on the RS homepage or rs.log on webif diagnostics page


New Member
There arent any such hmt files (I browsed using Diag/File Editor)

Last time seen was this morning.

I have enabled real time scheduling a couple of days ago.

rs.log has:
Could not find file '/New_ Oxford Street 24_7/New_ Oxford Street 24_7_20181206_2100.hmt' to delete.
same for the other hmt


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The problem now seems to have resolved itself. The Humax had been off for months whilst we were away, on again for months but not internet connected. Now after being re-connected for a week the messages have finally disappeared.

During the reconnection I had re-booted several times whilst updating firmware packages, and this had caused a number of corrupt recordings. These had orphaned hmt files and the lightning strike thumbnail which I now understood.

Thanks for all your help.