Samba not working on boot, manual stop & start works


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Hi there...
I've searched, and no other thread on this has come up.

When I start up my HDR-FOX T2 1.03.06 with CF 2.19 I cannot connect to the Samba shares. But if I go to Service Management and toggle Samba off and then on again, it works fine. I guess it's a timing issue, and I see /mod/etc/initd/S91samba seems to try to take waiting for the network into account.

Anyone else having trouble like this?
I've done a crude hack, changing the 1 second sleep to 10. Was that the right thing to do?



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It probably doesn't matter but I'd be tempted to add a sleep after the while/done loop rather than modify the one inside the loop. The way you have it theoretically still leaves it prone to the same failure.


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@prp: Quite right - a separate sleep after the /tmp/if-up file appears should be more reliable.

@Black Hole - I've got the Humax Wireless dongle for the network connection, and I have the wireless-helper package installed.

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Then I suspect the network has not established by the time you are trying to access across it. Similar could apply to HomePlug if it has a sleep mode (DHCP is unworkable when the HomePlug is slow to come up).


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Maybe we need a global configurable delay in starting services that people can tune to suit their environment?

Network services do generally wait until the DHCP service has told them that the network is up but, particularly with wireless, this is still too early in some cases.