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Samba share dropout


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I now know how to recognise the signs of a corrupt or .part file on a shared drive that the HDR doesn't like - and it doesn't seem to matter if it's mapped to the local disk or not as has been suggested.

But a few times recently the HDR has failed to see or has stopped seeing the PC with the shared drive. Other devices can see it and the HDR OK, and rebooting the HDR doesn't fix it.

But rebooting the PC does. Any thoughts?

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Black Hole

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Who knows. I had to reboot my router today to make the WiFi-connected printer work properly.


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Any part of the network can go belly-up. Sometimes I can't contact my Humax over the network. After checking all the connections, rebooting the Humax, stopping/restarting the ftp server and restarting the network switch I still had a problem. Just ahead of rebooting the PC I tried stopping the LAN connection and restarting it. That did it.