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schedule a recording manually

Can one set a recording without using the Freetime listings. I subscribe to digiguide and have TV listings up to 3 weeks in advance. There are programmes which are on BBC4 which I want to record in HD and are only avalable to me via satellite. I have bought a HB-1000s + a usb hdd partly for this purpose but cannot see how to set recordings manually. I have 2 Humax HDR-Fox T2 and can set recordings via Freeview or manually. I know I could set a recording within 7 days using the Freetime app but it means I have to remember and I am not very good at that.
Any advice is appreciated.


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Recordings - Planned - Right twice to set recording. Fill in required details (You can add some padding). You can't set a automatic serial recording that goes into a folder this way.

Mike Somers

Many thanks for the rapid reply. I have just set a recording (following your instructions) for the 20th February.
I have justed read the manual from the Humax web page and there is no mention of manual option! Is there anywhere to look for any other undocumented options for the HB-1000S. iplayer and similar are so much quicker than the HDR-Fox T2 but without the option to save iplayer downloads.

Thanks again.