Schedule spontaneously disappearing without user intervention!

Hi All, bit of a mystery going on here, wondering if you can help.

My parents' HDR-T2 (1.02.28 with CF) is sitting in their flat while they're away for a few weeks, with no direct user intervention during that time. It has a valid aerial input and internet connection. It had a schedule of series set to record, some input via the rs website, some input directly on screen. It was also scheduled to wake up for 15 minutes a day during the daytime, so that I could access it by web browser via VPN if I ever needed to, and again at night to catch any recordings I've scheduled via rs.

Today I went to the rs website to add a series to record, and found that almost the whole schedule has disappeared. I can see from the log on the rs home page that it's been turning on and off pretty much according to the schedule until 19th Sept. The only scheduled event remaining is a single sleep command at 02.15am (no corresponding wake command), so I've lost my window during the day to be able to access it directly via the browser.

Obviously if I was in front of it, I could switch it on and restore the schedule via the web GUI. I'm presuming that there's no possibility of doing that remotely, unless it happens to be caught in the half-awake state (or I access it while it's looking for an update in the early hours, if I haven't installed the package to prevent it from updating).

My question is, how could this have happened without any user intervention? I bought the T2 at the beginning of the year, and it's always had CF running, upgraded to the 1.02.28 version after the automatic upgrade. It's been unsupervised for the last 3 weeks and was working fine until last week.

If there's a way to get more diagnostic information remotely, my parents are back next week so I can access it properly then.
Ah-ha, that makes sense - I should have made the connection. I guess the reminder appeared the next time it turned itself on, and as no-one was there to opt out, it went ahead and conveniently retuned for me, thus wiping the schedules (including my dial-in window).

Next step is to schedule a turn on / turn off during the day, wait for it to be picked up tonight, dial in tomorrow during the window and restore the previous schedule. Once again, thank goodness for the backup/restore function!

Thanks BH for pointing this out, I might consider downgrading to 1.02.20 to prevent this happening again.
Just one small flaw in my plan: the automatic retune appears not to have found any channels, so the EPG on rs is empty. As I can't remotely trigger a retune, I can't schedule any new recordings. Now to see what will happen if I try and do a remote restore of the backed up schedule tomorrow ...