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Another minor problem has come up since d/loading the CF.
My vformat is set to 1080i...the screen is perfect...then certain scenes within a show this enlarges and is like zoomed/widescreen.Scenes from new films and certain ads...also whilst watching 15 to 1 just now a camera angle changed the size of screen.
In settings Ratio is set to 16.1..Display Format..Auto..and TV SCART...CVBS.
TV Setting for Screen is set to Auto.
When I change vformat to 1080p is still does it but to a lesser degree.
Which would be the ideal settings whilst using HDMI?.
IS there any packages that deal with screen ratio etc...
Many Thanks...
Broadcasters switch between transmitting 1080i and 1080p during the same program, I would guess this is a problem with your TV, certainly not the Humax Custom Firmware
Ok....thanks for the replies..but the TV is only a monitor as it's connected to the box.
This screen enlarging never happened before...long before the Humax was bought.
Display format = auto (and the equivalent setting on the TV) is most likely something to do with the with it. Auto means the received broadcast image is zoomed so that the image always fills the screen (horizontally and vertically). Personally I prefer "pillar box" - there is no zooming going on, and if the input is narrower than 16:9 (ie 4:3) it is displayed with black side bars (but correctly proportioned).

You might not have noticed a difference with Auto, because many services broadcast old 4:3 material as 16:9 with the black sidebars already inserted, so the image is regarded as 16:9.

For more info see
See also Things Every... (click) section 16.
Thanks for the added info always..
Will play around with TV settings tomorrow and see.
Just another...turned Humax on yesterday morn...and low and behold it started a factory reset automatically.This morn was ok...
Will keep an eye on that..first time that has happened!!

I,ve set TV to 16.9...will monitor this and see...
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Like BH I have mine permanently set to Pillar Box (also 16:9 and 1080p); my TV has options of "Zoom" and "Smart" if I get tired of the black bars on old programs (and it does a reasonable job).

There is also the "Wide" button on the Humax remote you could try to help see if that might be your problem. I was just testing it, and it didn't seem to be exactly the same behaviour as the permanent setting in "Display Format"; but it may be that I didn't watch enough old stuff that is on right now to find out!

Whilst I was messing with this, in all cases the HDMI signal from the Humax remained at 1080p (unless I cycled it with the V Format button). It could be you are pressing the various buttons when the picture format "looks wrong" (because it is on "Auto") to make it look right again?

Your TV might have an "i" (or other) button on the remote that shows what signal it is receiving (mine does).

"Horror" (Channel 70) seems to show all old 4:3 programs/films with black bars at the side if you need a definitive example of this (I think some channels still just stretch them out; naff!). I note that in at least one case they have acquired 16:9 version of an "old" program.
Set the lip sync figure to whatever you need so that the soundtrack is in sync with the vision. It is normally only objectionable if the sound reaches you before the "causal" event in vision - the human visual-auditory system is used to sound being later than vision or nearly simultaneous, but not ahead.

It is most obvious when watching something like snooker (the clink of the balls acting like a movie clapperboard).

During the pre-DSO test transmissions, there was a useful test showing converging bars and a simultaneous click track. Shame that's not available anymore.

In my setup (including an electronic HDMI matrix switch), flipping sources with the switch can result in the audio sync being disrupted (even when returning to the same source), until the HDMI link is reset.

80ms is what I need to compensate for the differences in processing time between the audio path and the vision path, in my particular setup (which is only a normal Samsung TV).
During the pre-DSO test transmissions, there was a useful test showing converging bars and a simultaneous click track. Shame that's not available anymore.
The test signal I think you are referring to was broadcast on the last day of BBC HD. Sensible people recorded it in case it came in useful in the future ;).
Very good. I presume the upload is of the original data stream, so downloading it from YouTube via the CF onto our Humii should do the job.
As stated above I reset Screen Display on TV from Auto to 16.9 and have monitored for a few days and this has worked. The Ghrame Norton Show usually shows clips of the latest films and last night 2 where shown and the screen stayed the same...:)
Thanks again for all the input..and yes I,m still reading thru all the CF Forum Threads...