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Screen saver


New Member
Something that has puzzled me for a while. If I am watching a program then press pause, after a while the screen saver kicks in. This is the black background with the white digital clock on it. Sometimes this clock keeps ticking and keeps accurate time. Other times the clock time is frozen at the time when the screen saver kicked in.

How does the box decide which to do? And can I force it always to do the former?
I bet you don't turn your box off, like me you leave it on 24/7, as mine does the same thing. If you leave it with the screen saver not updating the time for a period then you get problems with recordings locking up, and eventually locking up the box.

I believe the problem is some form of memory leak in the Humax application that runs on top of the Linux (but it could be something else in the Linux).

The solution is to turn the box off for a couple of minutes using the power button on the remote. It needs to power right down to the standby mode, and it doesn't appear to do this until the disk has stopped spinning.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I have never seen the screen saver clock frozen like that, although I have seen it in a variety of other states.

We have a suspicion that the internal clock is not updated from EPG except at a cold start.


New Member
You are right that I keep it on all the time.
I've just started turning it off over night :)

Another niggle I've noticed. When keeping the box on, any new recording appears with a generic icon in the recording list. But once I've turned the box off then on, the icon switches to a frame from the recording. Neither is better or worse than the other, it's just something I'd noticed.