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Seagate Pipeline 2Tb ST2000VM003

I'm just in the process of RMA-ing a second ST2000VM003 in three years (and as it is manufacturer warranty this time, as opposed to Amazon, it's not a bundle of laughs).

Many people seem very happy with this model, so is it just me, or are there a few more out there who have found the drives unreliable?
Fine here too. I also have a pair, one approaching 4yrs the other a little under 3yrs - around 30k hours between them. Only minor blemish is a few reallocated sectors needed a year ago on the older drive, but the hummy had once allowed it to get too hot.
The cause of the overheating remains bit of a mystery. When it happened the fan package had been installed and working for many months but something had contrived to disable it. Disk diagnostics show a peak temp of 62deg (normal for my install is 44 +/-2). Happily the disk seems ok apart from 8 reallocated sectors.


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When it happened the fan package had been installed and working for many months but something had contrived to disable it.
Crashes sometimes disable some of the packages which have bits installed in the flash storage. You can disable this automatic disabling by issuing the following at a command prompt:
humax# touch /mod/boot/no_plugin_autodisable
I had one replaced under warranty after about 6 months use but the replacement has been fine for a few years now.
My first one lasted about 9 months, second about 20 months before it gave serious problems.

Can't recommend that anyone undergoes the Seagate RMA process. A couple of days running Seatools for DOS (because they don't accept evidence from other tools), and when they agree to an RMA, it looks like you have to spend a tenner on packaging to comply with the rules. If I hadn't found the box for a 60Gb Barracuda (20 yrs old?) lurking in my shed, I might have given up.
I'm currently spending a lot of time watching fixdisk fix the original hard drive in my Fox-T2 so it looks as though a replacement is on the cards. Is the ST2000VM003 the one to go for? Or is there a better alternative?

A quick look around and Scan are saying the ST2000VM003 is 'end of life'. Is that so? Is the Seagate Skyhawk ST2000VX008 an alternative?
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