"Searching for new software..."

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Here's a strange one. As you will know, I don't generally turn my machines off. I've been out all day, and I can't entirely vouch for the state this particular machine was in when I left, but when I came in it looked like it was in standby but the VFD had "searching for new software..." scrolling on it.

Pressing the handset power button woke it up and restored normal operation. Programmes scheduled to record earlier (Still Open All Hours, 20.00-20.30) did.

Anything the gurus want me to check out?


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Can't think of anything. Is that message normally shown during OTA which would imply the box somehow ended up in standby?


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That is the message you get at 4:30 am if you don't block OTA updates. It should disappear though when it finds that there is no software to download.
Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
At least I now know why it was in standby... I left auto power down off my list of settings to attend to after a factory reset!

The only question is why it was still showing the search message outside the OTA slot.