Sept 19th Retune - When Do We Retune our T2?


This question isn't meant to be as daft as it might sound!

I've got a various timers set for the 19th and I assume that even if they survive my manual retune (too many ghost stations from an auto retune), they will need to be recreated to cater for the fact that underlying channel assignments have changed.

So, does anyone know exactly what time the retune is being implemented (we're on the Hannington transmitter)? If after midnight, I can leave my timer schedule 'as is' and retune on the 20th, after I get back from work. However, if the retune is actually being carried out on the 19th, what time will it be complete by (cos, presumably, I will need to retune and recreate my timers if I want to successfully record stuff on the evening of the 19th)?


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I have seen a mention of a retune required after Midday on the 19th suggesting that the broadcast info. will change between 00:01 and 12:00 on that day. But it is not clear if a re-tune will need to be done at all, the channel numbers will change (and only a very few of them will change because most of the changes are now on 17th.OCT) but the channel frequencies will stay the same, so it maybe that the Humax will display the old channel numbers but will still function correctly


so it maybe that the Humax will display the old channel numbers but will still function correctly

Hhmm, for the small amount of time that a manual retune will take, it's probably not worth risking the reaction of 'her indoors' if it turns out that the Humax will hiccup without a retune and she misses her favs:)


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The RS and Webif Scheduled Events list has a "DSO Event" for Wed 19 Sep 2012 at 13:00 BST.

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A properly controlled manual retune might be desirable (at a time of your choosing rather that when "they" decide), but as long as this is only an LCN shuffle with no change of allocation to multiplexes (or at least does not affect the services you are scheduled to record from) it should not interfere with recordings because these are keyed to the service ID code and not the LCN. Unless, that is, you live in an are where there is DSO imminent (analogue switch-off), where frequencies will probably shuffle too.

It will be too late by then, but I will report the consequences of not retuning. On previous LCN changes I have found I can carry on regardless without bothering - even the EPG carried on working, with the service showing its old LCN. It will only be a point of confusion between the LCNs listed in programme guides and those shown on your EPG and channel ident pop-ups.

I notice the table linked above shows BBC FOUR and a lot of BBC radio services are moving from Mux B to Mux 1, but I presume that is only in places where analogue is still to be phased out because they are already on Mux 1 in my area.

To summarise the information:
  • There are LCN shuffles on 19 September and 17 October, the following reflects the final state after 17 Oct;
  • HiDef channels move from 50-54 to 101-105 (17 Oct);
  • BBC Red Button moves from 105 to 200 - you need that for red button services to work (19 Sep);
  • Yesterday moves from 12 to 19, Dave moves from 19 to 12 (19 Sep);
  • Really moves from 20 to 17, GOLD moves from 17 to 20 (19 Sep);
  • The Jewellery Channel moves from 60 to 49, Food Network moves from 49 to 48 (19 Sep);
  • The remaining changes move adult/babe/gay/chat/party/pay/IP/text into the high 100s to 300s (who cares - I delete them anyway).
All rather a storm in a tea cup. I can understand structural changes, but why they want to do fiddling small things like switch the LCN on Dave and Yesterday is beyond me! (It's because they can, stupid!)


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so it maybe that the Humax will display the old channel numbers but will still function correctly
I think that is most likely; it should just be an LCN reassignment. Everything should just continue to work until you retune.

I'm planning to retune the RS data source during the evening so the EPG there will continue to show old channel numbers until then but remote scheduling should continue to work regardless in most cases as it can use the channel name as a fallback mechanism when the LCNs don't match. There have been several minor channel name tweaks recently but I don't think any of them were the major channels.

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I can now confirm, presuming the LCN swap as detailed in my previous post has really happened, that it has made no difference to my non-retuned HDR-FOX (there has not even been a nag screen). Test series recordings scheduled for Dave and Yesterday completed as expected, and a test recording scheduled after the swap should have happened has also completed correctly.

The current evidence is therefore that a pure LCN shuffle (with no change of multiplex or change of multiplex channel number) makes no difference, existing and new recordings proceed as intended, the only consequence being that the TV guides tell you Dave is on 12 but your Humax says it's on 19. In other words there is no need of a retune if you want to avoid it.


When I got home last night my HDR had retuned and lost the recording schedule. There were a number of duplicates, so I needed to do a manual retune. Fortunately, I had photographed all my schedules the previous night after seeing this thread. I am on 1.29.


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Same here the mises went spastic that all here scheduled recordings had been lost and she has to remove all the crud from the EPG again.

So are we saying this will happen again in October?


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I'm on the Emely Moor TX and was confused on the 19th.... I retuned a TV 1st and the 12/19 channels didn't swap so I didn't touch my HDR.
Then today (the 20th) my TV's started showing re-tune warnings, so may be there was some delay?
So I did a manual re-tune of my HDR & schedule restore (having done a schedule backup beforehand) and all's well :) with Dave on 12 and Yesterday on 19.

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I'm at a bit of a loss, I've seen a couple of system messages something like "Freeview changes press blue or more info or yellow to cancel this message" but nothing from my 2 HDRs (1.02.20) or my HD (1.02.27 - which does have an aerial at the moment) to retune now or later.


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I got those messages yesterday, also, having already retuned my hdr in response to the query post-1300 on 19th.
Glad to see someone else had them, as I was wondering what had happened, and what the source of the messages was.


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This is not really the time or place but I pity the 'average Joe' who simply wants to turn on the TV and watch TV. Not a big ask.

There seems to be a 'retune for this that and the other' on a regular basis. Goodness knows how the older generation go on.

It's not so bad for 'us geeks' but the term 'party in a brewery' springs to mind.

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Returned from holiday last night.

My HD-Fox declared it had no channels at all and demanded a retune with no option but to select OK which, of course removed all recording timers. It had regularly recorded BBC News on Ch50 including 19th and 20th. No warning message.

My HDR-Fox showed the Blue/Yellow Button Freeview Change message. It had all the channels in their original positions but had a repeated channel list further up the LCNs - BBC1 HD was at 1016. SD recordings of Doctors & Neighbours (1345-1415) failed. Perhaps should have kept them on HD. Timer Recording List empty before manual retune.

My Tvonics retuned and appears to have retained its timer-recording list but then again none were set to record the changed channels.

Again I will be out on the 17th so will be caught again.