Series link failed recordings on ITV


Over the past few weeks I have had trouble with scheduled ITV series linked programmes (in particular Emmerdale) failing to record often getting zero size files, sometimes nothing at all and other times two copies, one with zero size the second only 15 mins recorded. Does anyone know it there is problems with the over air start and stop triggers for ITV programmes?
Is there anything I can do to resolve this?
I tried backing up the schedule, retuning and restoring the schedule, which does some minor frequency adjustments, but it is still happening, it is very annoying (for my Mum!).


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It appears that others are having the same problem. There is another thread on the subject, but it appears to be a problem at 'their end' as it's happening on more than one type of box as well as different people.

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Possible preventative measures:
  1. Use RS to create individual recording reservations based on text search;
  2. Disable AR for the Emmerdale entry in your recording schedule via the WebIF schedule browser;
  3. Install multimode package and disable AR for all of ITV;
  4. If Emmerdale is broadcast at the same time every day (or specific days), convert to manual timer entry.
Background reading:

I can't find a forum topic for the multimode package. Anybody?


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I looked for that link but failed. Searched for Emmerdale, but it didn't return that link for some obscure reading. Should have left it for BH's wizardry.