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Series Record


Is there a way to series record Click on the BBC ? I can do it with BBC News at 10, but not with click.

Black Hole

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I do! What problem are you having? Walk my through the steps you are taking that fail.

The only reason it might not set for series record is if the EPG entry doesn't have a Series CRID. I record the broadcast in the early hours of Saturday morning on BBC NEWS - any others (and even that one) can get bumped by breaking news events, and if the actual broadcast doesn't occur within 15 minutes of the EPG time the recording fails with "failed to track" status.


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This would appear to be a Scheduling snafu by the BBC. Some, but not all, episodes are marked as part of a series whilst the others are not.

If using the Customised Firmware and Remote Scheduling package you could set up an RS auto processing rule to
If:    Event Title matches    Click     
And:    Logical Channel Number    = 231     
Then:    Schedule matching events
But this would also schedule every repeat which is probably overkill!

I don't see Click in the BBC News channel schedule beyond 18 Mar so it may be best to schedule each episode manually

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Mine is scheduled for Saturday morning, I wouldn't expect another hit until at least Friday.