Series Recording Scheduling (Gadget Show)

Black Hole

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My series recording seems not to have made any effort to record The Gadget Show on Friday. I don't know why, and there is no "broken" recording flag. That particular HDR is quite busy around then (recording the local news on BBC1 West and Wales, with auto-padding), but as far as I know it hasn't missed any previously.

I noticed the missing programme last night, and investigated this morning. Despite there being a repeat transmission, apparently with the same S- and P-CRID, this morning at 10.30, the HDR had it scheduled to record on Wednesday. I've cancelled Wednesday and set it for today.

Can anyone explain this behaviour? Why it didn't record on Friday is now lost in the mists of time, but we might be able to work out why it picked Wednesday. If it has anything to do with it, I notice the programme duration on Wednesday is listed as 1h, whereas today it is listed as 55m.


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My box recorded it on Friday, and is also scheduled to record the repeat this morning.