Shrinking on a PC


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I am not using c/f but I have exported files from the FOX.
I'd like to shrink some of the files. I've looked at the shrink package hoping that I could find ffmpg line commands that would do this. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate them and my own attempts at ffmpeg to do this are inadequate.

How is the shrinking achieved?
af123 is the only person that can answer this fully, but in the mean time here is a 50:50 answer. There are two ways to reduce the size of a TS file from the Humax, the first is to remove the un-needed frames, this is what shrink does, the second is to use a different compression format, Standard Def TS files are MPEG2 encoded, so converting to MP4 for example will reduce files size with the same quality. I'm not sure that shrink uses ffmpeg to remove unwanted frames, it may be a process af123 has generated himself
Some notes from the WiKi 'stripts (shrink) removes freeview EIT packets from the recording'.
af123 is the only person that can answer this fully...
Drutt could too. Shrinking was a joint effort : )

The shrink package doesn't use ffmpeg. It's a program that I wrote that scans through a TS file and removes packets which aren't required, such as EIT frames (EPG data). The tricky part is that it also updates the associated .nts sidecar file on the fly so that the trick play functions still work on the resulting recording.

nicesplice also removes EIT data while it's working so if you use that to chop of the start or end of a recording then you'll end up with a shrunk recording too.