sidecar media list name suggestion



Sorry to be a pain in the back-side but I'd like to make a suggestion for the Media List Name generated by sidecar.

At the moment it uses the filename, which seems sensible, but if the filename is in the Humax format "name_yyyymmdd_hhmm.ts" one has to use the rename option to chop off the date/time from the media list name.

Would it be possible to provide an option to strip the date/time for the media list name?

I can think of two methods:

1) The simplest - to provide a command line switch which, if set, will just truncate the filename by 14 characters for the media list name.

2) Slightly more complicated would be to check whether the last 14 characters of the filename matches "_99999999_9999" (where "9" denotes a numeric character) and if it does then truncate the filename (perhaps also enabled by a command line switch).

Both these options would enable one to retain the original recording date/time in the filename which is useful, if only for reference purposes.

Any thoughts?


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Sidecar will only use the file name as the title if the source does not contain an Event Information Table i.e. a non-native, or stripped native source. If an EIT exists then it will always use the title extracted from that for the Media List. I will add a regex to the next release to strip off any Humax style date/time extension, if it exists, on sources not containing an EIT.


Many thanks for the explanation and your kind offer to strip any Humax style date/time.

What you and the other developers have done is quite amazing.