Skip Episode - Request


Ye Olde Bowler
I have a 10 minute reminder set for every day at 11:55 to ensure any RS scheduling I have done in the morning is up(down?)loaded to the PVR in a timely fashion. Unfortunately this daily reminder has, on occasions, caused a conflict in the schedule. Would it be possible to 'enhance' the skip episode facility to include reminders as well as programs ?
If you mean you wish to skip a reminder occurrence then I doubt it.

Skip episode works by marking the episode CRID as already recoded.
With reminders you don't have any identifier for the Humax scheduler to use for skipping.

Instead you could record a short daily program such as a News broadcast (not BBC local news that doesn't use unique episodes) and then use Sweeper or Auto-expire to remove the recordings. You can then Skip your reminder recording when needed as normal.