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Hello everyone, any suggestions with this one. I have a Sony KDL 32 EX503 tv that I have my Humax HDR Fox T2 plugged into. When switching from the TV to the Humax, the sound will drop by a couple of points (normal TV setting 10). When playing back a recording, the sound clarity is not always great and I sometimes have to put sub-titles on. Could be my hearing of course..
What is the TV sound like on the Sony? I've had a couple of Sony TVs and the sound has been rubbish. I use an external cheapo 2.1 PC amp and speakers and get much better sound with some bass content which is completely absent in the inbuilt Sony speakers.
I have a Sony (40NX710) not much different to EX really.
I find it best to set the Humax volume to 16 and use TV to control listening volume.

This balances StdDef and HiDef Humax volumes (the latter being fixed) if you set humax setting/digital audio to multi channel.
It also balances humax volume in line with normal TV and DVD etc. so you don't get drastic volume changes when you switch TV inputs.

You can also use Webif "power on-channel" to set start up volume to 16 and edit /mod/boot/ to disable humax volume controls - to stop others adjusting humax volume instead of TV volume.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the responses. The Humax volume is set to 20 (maximum), I use the Sony to control the sound. The sound quality from the TV is ordinarily acceptable.
As an addendum, the sound from the the DVD has always been very good, both Humax and DVD are through a HDMI cable. On a hunch, I swapped over the cables into the TV. The sound from the Humax is now good, the DVD not good.
Make sure that the sound output on the humax is set to stereo not multi channel.

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