Sound goes when Humax is on HD channels only


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This took me a year to work this out. If I leave the Humax on channels 101 102 you know all the HD channels the sound is very lightly to go very muffled (like a poor mute), the only way to clear this is to change channels on the tv then back again and the sound comes back .

It a very intermittent problem

If you are watching a recorded program and stop it to go back to live TV it is very lightly again to loss the sound.

It will NEVER go wrong if the Humax is left on standard channels on the HD

Can anyone give me an idea if there is anything I can do about it?

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What is your sound preference setting (I can't reference it directly) - stereo or multichannel?


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On the Humax its set to
Digital Audio Output Stereo

I have the latest software 1.02.29

Hope you can help