Spurious "auto-decrypt failed" notifications for cropped files

Chris Kessell

New Member

For some reason I'm suddenly seeing lots of "auto-decrypt failed" notifications, which seem to relate to files that have been automatically cropped by detectads, e.g.
15/04/2016 20:05:07 - /media/My Video/Time Team Special/Time Team_20160411_1158-crop.ts - auto-decrypt failed.
15/04/2016 20:05:08 - /media/My Video/Time Team Special/Time Team_20160412_1159-crop.ts - auto-decrypt failed.
15/04/2016 20:05:10 - /media/My Video/Time Team Special/Time Team_20160413_1158-crop.ts - auto-decrypt failed.
15/04/2016 20:05:13 - /media/My Video/New_ The Durrells/New_ The Durrells_20160410_1959-crop.ts - auto-decrypt failed.
Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Surely these files were already decrypted prior to cropping?


Ad detector
No idea,

The cropped files should all should show as Dec in the webif display - do they?

Can you turn on debugging logging (general settings) and post the portion of the auto log if the problem recurs.


Ad detector
What method did you use to run detectads and when?
When did the first failure message occur?

I notice that the failure message time stamps are all close together but several days after the recordings were made.
So what happened shortly before the first of the decryption failure messages?