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Stability swings and roundabouts

Discussion in 'PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder' started by DTEG, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. DTEG

    DTEG New Member

    Pleased to see that general stability seems to have improved dramatically lately. Having been dealing with resets and record-list losses on an approximately weekly basis for the entire time we've had the unit, we've not had any for quite a few weeks now. That's good. But on the downside, there's been a lot more stuttering and general break-up especially on chase-play/pause - and not the kind typically fixed by winding back and retrying, it's more like the data is corrupt. Have tried "reformatting" (not really, far too quick) but not sure it's made much if any difference. Might need to investigate the PC-based tools, or replace the disk with one of our old Inverto ones if the interface is compatible.
  2. DTEG

    DTEG New Member

    But now the resetting's gone down the toilet, with nigh-on daily loss. Oh well. Probably time to pension it off.
  3. DTEG

    DTEG New Member

    Carried out a full format on PC so it did a proper reinitialise on reinstallation in the 9300, and also tried manually adding the muxes - both solutions some have found helpful - but nope, still losing it pretty much daily or more. In summer-time we can tell it's happened because the clock's an hour slow as it defaults to GMT. As a stopgap we're leaving it powered 24/7 but that's obviously not good for pandas, and it's noticeably noisy in a quiet room (not that we get to enjoy that too much these days). Have seen a few other posts around alluding to an increased incidence of issues in the last month or so, lending further weight to the notion there is some external factor at play.
  4. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    If this is a hardware issue (which is my unproven suspicion) then I would further speculate that it is just the number of boxes reaching the appropriate age for the problem to manifest itself. The first reports of this problem go back several years.
  5. DTEG

    DTEG New Member

    Yes I think you're probably right. Goodness only knows why there was the lull in problems a few months back, but we are now leaving the box on 24/7 since any turning off and on (whether standby or hard power) resets it, which is pretty clearly not related to any external influence. Bit noisy from the fan/disk, but at least we don't have to reprogram our record list every day. Did notice that the SCART switching logic broke after a few days of this though, forcing us to do a power-cycle (and have to reprogram everything, inevitably), but days are inevitably numbered now.