Started to get 'recording failed: unable to track programme' errors


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I've started to get several recording failed: unable to track programme errors. maybe one or two a day.
The latest one was The Apprentice BBC1 at 9pm this evening.

I've double checked the channels I'm tuned in to and they're all correct- I'm right between two transmitters so I've always had to do a manual tune (otherwise I get double channels if I let it tune automatically).
This has only started happening since installing the CF.

Obviously I'd like to fix the problem so what is the best course of action?

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You are sure there is no explanation such as two other recordings which may have over-run and taken priority?

Try a factory reset (restore factory defaults) operation : Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default, and decline the HDD reformat. This will result in you having to retune and manually restore user preferences; the WebIF can restore your recording schedule from the last backup.


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Just had a look for any programmes recording before - which there were.
2 others which both finished after 9pm by 1 min and 2mins... that would explain the failed recording.

But... I was under the impression that if - like in this situation - 2 programmes over ran the next programme would start recording as soon as a tuner became available.
At least thats what it seemed to do with the original firmware. Then when you went to play the recording it would say something like 'the recording failed would you like to play it anyway' and you'd say yes and it would play from when it started recording - never got the recording failed: unable to track programme message.
The first time I'd ever seen the error was with the CF.

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The custom firmware does not interfere with any of that.

How a recording behaves when it has been "bumped" by over-running previous recordings depends on a few factors: with auto-padding, the programme will start recording as soon as a slot is released (the HDR-FOX will only record two programmes simultaneously, regardless of how many tuners that requires).

If you are set for AR, when a recording slot is released the new recording schedule will then start looking for the programme ID. Some services/programmes flag the ID continuously during the programme, but others only flag it at the start point. If the ID was only flagged at the start point and the HDR-FOX was busy elsewhere, it will be missed and give an "unable to track" error.

Thus, AR is useful for overcoming programmes that run into "extra time" or start late (within certain limits), but auto-padding is better at coping with broadcaster cock-ups (they don't always get the AR flags right).

More info: Things Every... (click) section 3.


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I've only just had the time to look at this again....

I've removed the CF and gone back to the original firmware. The reason for this is the failed recordings.

This is what I've done and what I've discovered.
as I said above I've removed the CF as per the instructions on the wiki and re-installed the 1.03.12 original firmware.
I then set the HDR Fox T2 to record 2 programmes on 2 separate multiplexes followed by 2 more programmes on 2 more different multiplexes.

as far as I can tell this is about as bad is it could get for a failed recording!!!
I then waited and watched to see what happened...

the first 2 recordings hadn't finished when one of the second 2 recordings wanted to start. The message then pops up on the screen telling me there's a conflict and for me to choose which ones I want to carry on or start recording. So I ticked the box for the new recording and it starts and one original stops. - so far so good!

1 min later the second of the second lot of recording wants to start. Again the box pops up telling me there's a recording conflict and choose which ones I want to carry on or start recording. this time I just leave it - dont do anything as if I wasn't there to see the message.
as soon as the first recording finishes the last one starts. - again so far so good.

This is exactly how I expected my HDR Fox T2 to behave with the original firmware. all 4 programmes recorded - it may have missed the odd minuet or two from the beginning of the second 2 programmes but they still recorded. This is the way it was behaving before I installed the CF...
But with the CF installed it was not showing the conflict recording pop up box and not recording the conflicting programmes at all - giving the Recording failed: unable to track programme error.

I really do like the idea of the CF and the extra features it has over the original firmware but unfortunately the CF is causing the failed recordings and this outweighs the benefits of the CF . Its pointless in having a firmware that I can't trust to record the programmes I want it to do.

...or am I missing something?
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Yes. You're wrong. The CF doesn't change the operation of the Humax software. Reinstall the CF and repeat the exact same test.


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We have the CF installed and it certainly hasn't stopped those damn popup boxes wanting to know what to do in a conflict.
I usually hit the Cancel so it defaults to recording the end of current progs in preference to the beginning of the next ones and it's never failed. (I wish it could be set to simply do that without asking, but even the CF can't fix that bit of Humaxery.)

It is perhaps possible your base firmware was corrupted causing your problems and reinstalling it has fixed it. As prpr says, try reloading the CF again and retesting.


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We frequently get these conflict popups (with CF installed) because we have two recordings ending at 6pm and another starting at 6pm on another channel.

They are quite annoying because most of the time they are false conflicts due to the end of show/ preshow trailers being included within the AR markers it would be nice if there were some way to suppress the popups and defaulting to 'Cancel',

Occasionally we get the unable to track message when attempting to play a recording but they actually do play correctly but usually the so called conflict resolves itself before the new recording actually starts.