Steps to take prior to upgrading official firmware


Hi All,

I've got two Humax HDR Fox T2 box's

Box 1
Web interface version: 1.0.10-6
Custom firmware version: 2.13
Humax Version: 1.02.29

Box 2
Web interface version: 1.0.15-5 (Lighttpd)
Custom firmware version: 2.17 (build 1699)
Humax Version: 1.02.32 (kernel HDR_1.02.32)

The tvportal has recently stopped working (grey prompt box saying an error occurred whilst connecting to and Humax customer services have suggested to upgrade the firmware. I've tried a number of things so far (eg changing the network settings / different router / access to internet) but I think what ever happened is not easily fixable and so I'll have to give upgrading the firmware a go now.

Please could someone confirm if there is anything (other than backing up my schedule) I should do before I upgrade the official firmware to ensure I don't lose any of the CF firmware functionality (once I reinstall it over the official firmware of course), ie. do you need to back anything up or take a note of the custom firmware applications I've got installed on the boxes beforehand or will all the settings be remembered?

In terms of official firmware, humax customer services sent me this link:

However (but perhaps I'm not understanding the version numbering) it looks like that is an older firmware to what I've got. Any thoughts?

Is there also a table somewhere detailing which CF version works with which official firmware?

Thanks in advance



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Just go on the Wiki and download this and install it. You don't need to do anything else. If something does get disabled, just run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic afterwards. Then make sure you update your Webif.

Ezra Pound

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If you intend to re-install the Custom Firmware, then the link in #2 is quickest and easiest way to get there. It would depend on which version you would be downgrading to, but you could down grade to any previous version by first installed the official Humax version and then installed a compatible custom version on top of it.


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Thanks for this post, my Humax HDR Fox T2 was 1.02.29 and iplayer was reporting as unsupported, surprise to me as was good last time I used it !

anyway, downloaded the and unzipped, onto memory stick and loaded. Worked a treat, much easier than I was expecting, wheeeee.

I replaced portal-xtra1 with new-portal and all seems good.