Strange post-reset behaviour

Just logging this for info as I haven't seen anything quite the same reported before.

I'm in the Central Scotland region (STV) and using a HDR FOX-T2 that I acquired secondhand approx 18mths ago.
Yesterday, for the first time, it decided to factory-reset itself and I had to go through the whole setup wizard including retune.
This all occurred on switching on around 5.45pm with the DOI final due to record at 6pm - you can imagine how well-received that was!

Anyroad, got it all re-tuned and set up in time and the recording schedule was still present but DOI recording didn't kick in - lucky we were watching.
It should also have recorded Suffragette later (6.50pm Film4) but that never happened.
After DOI at 8pm I had a look and realised that my LCN preferences were wrong and our weakest mux had not been picked up - so I tuned that manually and re-booted.
Looking better - BBC Four now where I like it (LCN8) and That's TV Scotland booted into the long grass.
At this point I thought all was well and expected Last Tango to record (9pm BBC1) but no - still no recording.
Afterwards, I looked more closely and found a few surprises :-
0min recording for Suffragette - but the box was looking for it on E4
0min recording for Last Tango - box was looking for it on BBC Red Button
Schedule entry for this afternoon for Classic Corrie (I know :-( ) on ITV3 had been replaced by The Saint on ITV4 at the same time - but it was proposing to use the Classic Corrie folder.

At this point I decided to recover the schedule backup from Saturday night which got everything looking as it should and, having just checked via RS, Classic Corrie is indeed recording this afternoon.
So, I think all is rosy in the garden once more.

As I said at the start this is just for info - not especially looking for any answers as I know the unwanted factory resets are 'just one of those things'. Just hadn't seen reports of quite so much fallout before.


Yup - had all of that in-place prior to the event and only had to reset the networking.
The oddity is the apparent channel displacement in the schedule (E4 instead of Film4 and Red Button instead of BBC1)
I suspect that because I use tunefix to shuffle a couple of channels it got stuck in some strange halfway state.
Perhaps MymsMan's suggestion of an additional reboot would have nipped that in the bud but I did reboot again shortly after 8 and Last Tango at 9 was still a failure - so who knows?

One thing I noticed but haven't had a chance to look closer at is that an additional backup of the schedule seemed to have taken place around 2.15pm on Sunday when the house was empty.
I'm guessing that's what was restored but haven't had a chance to study the contents.
Does the schedule get backed up when the box shuts down if there has been an amendment to it? I had scheduled Suffragette earlier in the day and left the box on so it probably auto shutdown around that time.