Stream from iPhone to HDR

Is there any way to stream directly from an iPhone app such as Safari or 4OD to the HDR? I tried Twonky which simply caused the HDR to endlessly reboot. Imediashare works quite well but so far as I can see only streams it's own embedded channels ( little of interest ) or the phones stored files ( rather more useful ).

What I would like to do is use the phone to extend the limited catch up facilities of the Humax portal or bypass its clunky YouTube interface.

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So basically you want the iPhone to receive an Internet video stream (in whatever format it is supplied) and output it again in a video/audio format the Humax will accept via DLNA? Yeah...
Wild media server on a pc allows you to stream to the HDR but it was a bit of a phaff so I gave up on it. Might have a go again now there's been another couple of version releases. Don't know of anything for an iPhone but it is possible . My favourite at the moment is a rasberry pi running XBMC using my android phone as a remote , works oK but still messing about with it
So basically you want the iPhone to receive an Internet video stream (in whatever format it is supplied) and output it again in a video/audio format the Humax will accept via DLNA? Yeah...
That's right - were you just checking or suggesting I'm asking the impossible?

Imediashare presumably does that, or something very similar, only its tied to a set of mostly German channels. Something more open would be good.


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What you want is an AirPlay server running on the HDR, so then you can just send the video to it. Nobody is working on it though AFAIK.
You can do something similar with the iPhone and the Xbox 360, but it uses DLNA instead of AirPlay.

Only problem with doing the same on the HDR is that the Xbox DLNA app is constantly looking for incoming connections and announces when its playing. The Humax HDR DLNA app is very basic and does not have this functionality - also because its built into the main humaxtv application, its not really modifiable AFAIK.

In my opinion, you would be best getting a cheap xbox 360, as you would then have all the catch up choices*, the ability to stream from your iphone if needed, and the added advantage of smartglass to use your iphone as a mouse and input device with IE.
Plus, it plays games lol.

*ITV Player is not currently available.. but its the only one, so it will appear when ITV find some cash.
After poking around a bit it looks as though Apple TV might be an option, though inevitably not the cheapest. Airplay mirroring seems to mean that whatever you can display on the phone can be mirrored on the TV, which is the sort of independence I had in mind.

It's disappointing that the TV Portal doesn't cover all the options but I guess with YouView on the scene it now never will.


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Yes, the Apple TV box will do that, but i'm not sure if everything is available to do AirPlay mirroring, or just certain apps. i know that the apps such as iPlayer can restrict if they can be played over AirPlay, because they recently updated the app to say you now can.

A new Apple TV box retails for around £99, but a basic 4gb Xbox 360 retails for around £130.
Also bear in mind that there will probably be a new Apple TV next year, and by all accounts, a new Xbox will also be announced.

There is also the option of linking up a PC to your TV, and running XBMC. This is very good software and they have recently added AirPlay & i think AirPlay mirroring - I could be wrong about mirroring.

The TV Portal on the Humax T2 was pretty much dead on arrival. The hardware in the box is not quick enough, there is not a lot of memory, and the browser is out of date. Its pretty fair to say it was probably a late addition to the model after the hardware had already been signed off.
The impression I get is that only Sky Go expressly blocks Airplay mirroring and as I won't touch Sky that's not a problem. In theory apps which don't have a built in airplay button should be airplayable by double tap home double swipe left to right. In theory.......

I do use the TV Portal sometimes for BBC iPlayer and although the interface is slow and clunky once the programme starts it plays just fine. I could certainly live with it for the other catch ups - but if it's not going to happen I'll look elsewhere.


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From all accounts, the Humax Portal is not going to be updated. Its been pretty stable now for the past year or so. And with Humax now wanting to sell a different box, with a bit more grunt, theres little point (financially) in signing up new providers. Plus, the providers themselves need to make a version that works on the Humax. Only the BBC and Sky are able to do this because they already employ technical staff that can build versions for different platforms. And then, even Sky cancelled the SkyPlayer app - although it was more then likely down to Sky management not wanting a competing platform of their own making.
Chris - whilst looking into AirPlay I found a posting of yours suggesting that maybe someone could port air server to the HDR. Was this just wishful thinking or would it actually be feasible?

I've tried streaming from the iPhone to a MacBook with Airserver installed and it works well. Could be ideal on the HDR, and no extra box required.