stream from laptop to 2000T


Hi I just bought the Humax 2000T 1TB and got a Wifi dongle thingy with it.
Ive followed instructions on the Humax site for streaming but although the Humax was listed on the left of the Windows Media Player screen it was not available under the Play options on the right.
Ive not exhausted everything nd have read about the Seriio software, which Im yet to install, but I just wanted to know if the following is possible;

Can I stream a stream from my laptop to my humax using the dongle?
I know I could use the HDMI connection, but not sure how to do it wirelessly.
Netflix seems to limit me to only watching on 2 devices, so Im looking to send from the laptop to the humax, so I can watch on my tv upstairs.

I would also appreciate knowing if there is a way to change the EPG guide, instead of showing lots of channels within a certain time frame, I wondered if it was possible to view everything on a certain channel? I used to have a Topfield PVR, it was a beauty and lasted 10 years, it had the ability to simpy watch a channel in a small corner while the rest of the screen showed the listed shows for that channel for the next 7 days, by scrolling downwards. I could also stay in the same channel in the small screen and flick through the channel lists for all other channels too. Hoping that makes sense, another description would be the guide showed one channel at a time from top to bottom :)

Thanks for any help forthcoming.
The customised firmware (available on the HD/HDR Fox T2) can select a single channel EPG view on it's web interface but this is not currently available on the 2000T
These are instructions for HDR-FOX, I presume the 2000T is similar.

The Humax provides a means to share content with other network players, or to receive content from other network storage, by a mechanism known as DLNA. This is a protocol for devices to discover each other and list their content on request. For the Humax to share content out, you need to enable content sharing in the Internet settings - see also HERE (click). I am not sure that Windows Media Player has DLNA client capability.

The Humax will also play content stored elsewhere that is made available by a DLNA server. Active servers are listed by pressing Media then selecting Storage >> Network. In order to serve content from your PC you need to provide the PC with a DLNA server and be running it. Google for DLNA servers.

This is content that is already stored on your PC in a compatible format. Serviio is (I believe) a server that can transcode content in the process of serving it, and is therefore able to make content available which would not otherwise be compatible.

Your requirement, I believe, is to re-serve content that is incoming to the PC as a stream rather than a downloaded file. This is altogether a different matter - Google "wild media server" for a possible solution.