Streaming and aspect ratios


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Hi All,

Got a HDR Fox T2, and overall very happy with it. Having ditched Sky I now have a PVR that works! iPlayer is also a welcome addition.

I was hoping to to use it to stream video files across the network (and hence replace my xbox in this regard) but I'm having problems with scaling and aspect ratios.

I'm running the most recent firmware (1.02.07) and streaming from a QNAP NAS (Twonky) over a 200Mb homeplug network. The HDR is connected to my TV via HDMI.

Basically, the problem is that almost all the files seem zoomed in (and hence pixelated) and squished horizontally (so everyone is thin). It's not really usable. Aspect ratios have always been fine on other streaming players (pinnacle show center, xbmc and xbox 360).

Can anyone suggest something to try? I have tried fiddling with the output resolutions and whilst things change, the aspect ratio problems persist..

I, and others, have had this same problem too.

In 16:9 mode the wide button doesn't appear to do anything. A work around is to switch the HDR to 4:3 mode (in the video preferences) and then use the wide button to put it into widescreen.

As far as I know its not Twonky (I too use Twonky on a QNAP NAS) but the HDR itself.
Thanks, I'll try this out tonight. Although switching the video preferences every time i want to play a networked file sounds irritating.
Still, this is something that should be fixable in software. Maybe it will be getting looked at when they implement DLNA??