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Streaming from FOXSAT HDR to PC

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Customised Firmware' started by TaiChiRabbit, May 27, 2012.

  1. TaiChiRabbit

    TaiChiRabbit New Member

    I've downloaded Raydon's latest firmware 4.0.7 and also installed Mediatomb. However I cannot work out how to stream SD programs from my Foxsat HD to my network PC.

    I can see the files on my PC's brower (Firefox) using the web interface, but when I click on the file OPT+ I just get a download option. When I tried to copy the URL of the file (using right click) I just get rather than the XXXXXXX.TS filename.

    Same in Mediatomb, clicking on the file downloads it to my PC's hard drive. I can then play the files using VLC, but was wondering whether there was a quicker way just to stream the files rather than having to download them?

    I know I must be missing something obvious, but cannot work it out!

    Thanks for any help